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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Lady Gaga's September Style: Hot or Not?

Just as the Internet started complaining about how Lady Gaga's style has gotten "ugly and boring," the month of September comes, and Gaga slays. She's gotten back into her leather, wigs, platforms, daring, provocative, fashion-forward ways. Just a lot more black clothing involved.

Here are some of her September 2015 street style looks:

I am obsessed with her latest looks and will definitely be looking at these pics for some fall fashion inspiration!
Photos via LXG
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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Body Shaming Ends When We Stop Shaming ALL Body Types -- In Defense of Being Skinny

Ok, so I’m kind of nervous about posting this because I know it isn’t the most popular opinion right now and it is EXTREMELY PERSONAL, but I can’t see images like this online and not feel hurt, and not say something. I found these images by typing "skinny" into google.
I have always hated being skinny, and can remember insults vividly, starting from earlier than second grade regarding my body type. I am naturally skinny, but I also have an ANXIETY disorder. When I get anxiety or stressed out, I have a hard time eating. It’s something I’m working on. I drink Ensure to try to gain weight, I’ve downloaded apps to help me gain weight, and nothing seems to work. I used to want more than anything to be curvy, so when I lost the weight I gained while pregnant, I was pretty heartbroken. I love the way curvy women look. I’m the skinniest in my family, so not only have I heard “you should eat more” from classmates and strangers, I’ve also heard it from family and friends.
Once when I was walking down the street, I heard two girls behind me say “EWW! Look at her legs, she is so skinny. Should we buy her a sandwich or put her out of her misery?”
AT ANY WEIGHT hearing someone say “EWW” as if they’ve stepped on roadkill when looking at your body is THE WORST FEELING.
I think the body positive movement is beautiful and inspiring when it includes all body types. But that AMAZING message and the brave women that post pictures of themselves to help others unfortunately gets lost when people write vicious things to skinny people.
I’ve received messages from people who have visited my shop saying that me modelling is “pro-anorexia marketing.” That comment hurt so bad because I started my shop to celebrate individuality. To think of my body as “pro-anorexia” is heartbreaking, because I have known people that struggle with that illness, and it is HORRIBLE. Using mental illnesses as an insult is SO insensitive to those who are in the grips of those illnesses, as well as those who are naturally small.
I am a mother, I’m not in a place where I can pay models just yet, so in the meantime, I create EVERY item in my shop, I photograph everything by MYSELF, post everything, and yes, have to model for the shop too. It takes away from my hard work when I hear things like “you should hired a model, because your look will not sell anything”, sometimes it makes me want to cry, sometimes it makes me want to give up.
The point of all of this, the reason I am being so open about the issue and my personal experiences with it, is that women should SUPPORT one another, not promote one body type while bashing another.
“Real women have curves.” I gave birth to a healthy daughter, I work REALLY hard, I try to better myself and become healthier every day. I am a good person. I have made mistakes but have learned from them. I am strong. I am a survivor. I am a woman. Hear me fucking roar.