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7 Reasons Gwen Stefani is Winning Right Now

When all Gwen fans heard the news of the split, we were like:
And then when we read that Gavin, husband of 13 years, allegedly cheated on her with the nanny we were like:
But then we found out that gwen is dating Blake Shelton and we were like "ugh what a rollercoaster of emotions!"
We really shouldn't be too sad for Gwen Stefani, girls got a lot of things going for her:
1. One word: ABS
2. She still has dope style:
3. She has a new 'do and it's awesome:
4. She's dating Blake Shelton:

5. She has a successful song, thanks in part, to Gavin Rossdale:

6. She still has 3 adorable boys:
7. Oh yeah, Gwen also has an awesome gig as a coach on The Voice:

Maybe success is the best revenge after all.  Meanwhile, Gavin Rossdale will always be that guy from Bush that cheated with the nanny.