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Friday, September 26, 2014

Gemma Ward Makes a Comeback & Causes Controvery in Latest Magazine Spread

Within one week the fashion world and the press have been super excited to see Gemma Ward back on the runway, only to find offense in her latest editorial for Marie Claire Australia. 
The supermodel took some time off from modelling in 2007, did some acting, and had a baby.

We thought we'd never see her on the catwalk again! Yet there she was, opening the show for Prada during fashion week.

And it was awesome!
A few days after her much celebrated comeback to the fashion world, Gemma Ward was under fire for an editorial she shot with the Australian Marie Claire. A New Zealand professor pointed out the Maori moko painted on Ward's chin for the magazine's October issue.

“It is disturbing that Marie Claire is so removed from current discussions globally about the importance of the fashion world to be ethical and culturally inclusive.” The professor, Dr. Ellis said. 
The spread was intended to pay tribute to Jean Paul Gaultier, and Marie Claire has since issued a statement apologizing to anyone that found the photograph offensive. "We would not knowingly support the appropriation of any aspect of another culture without the participation or support of the members of that culture.”
While the image may be offensive, Gemma seems to be out of the line of attack. Let's hope the beauty can enjoy her return to being the queen of fashion, and continue pushing her fans to the edge of their seats!
The magazine is on stands now, will you pick up a copy?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall Fashion- Make the Cold More Bearable

If you're like me, you aren't a fan of cold weather. The one silver lining I can find is the fashion fall has to offer. As the weather gets colder, more layers and creativity are required in styling a cute outfit.
1. Leggings - Leggings are great and versatile in the fall, because you can pair them with long coats, vests, sweaters, or tops, and NOT look like you just came from the gym.

2. Boots -- My favorite are knee high or thigh high boots, especially to tuck your leggings or skinny jeans into, but since there is usually not snow in the fall, you can also rock a cute pair of ankle boots or comfortable wedges.

3. Hats -- Hats are a great wardrobe accessory for the fall. They keep your hair from blowing around, and add some extra pizazz to your ensemble.

4. Sweaters -- Whether you go bold with bright colors or like sticking to basics, sweaters of all lengths are necessary and stylish with any bottom you may choose to pair them with.

6. A Versatile Purse -- Also another essential accessory (for any season really). You can get a bigger purse to hold gloves, or a layer you may have peeled off, hold all your items, and have it match and look good with different colors and layers you've decided on for the day.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Blonds At NYFW 2015

The Blonds have been a celebrity favorite for a while, being worn by Madonna, Beyonce, and countless other female sensations. This season at New York Fashion Week, The Blonds have made headlines with their wild creations.
Models strutted down the runway with massive braids, genie inspired looks, and bright, playful colors. Flowers, thigh highs, and bling were not lacking in this highly publicized and unique show.
Flowers for DAYS

Colorful Creations

And possibly my favorite look of all!

What did you think of The Blonds show this season at NYFW?