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The Rise of Fitness Apparel in High Fashion

HOT or NOT: Fitness in Fashion photo 1
Betsey Johnson's 2013 Ready To Wear collection

Betsey Johnson is going to be debuting her fitness line after closing her shops and declaring bankruptcy a few years ago. The beloved 72-year-old fashion designer is planning on making her comeback by releasing the line at affordable prices in-store and online at Nordstrom and Macy*s. 
The cartwheeling, lovable designer told WWD that the collection will be "the perfect mix of performance, prettiness and punk." She also promises that the designs will continue to have her signature style.
HOT or NOT: Fitness in Fashion photo 2
French Vogue April 2014
It appears as though fitness-fashion is everywhere and becoming more than a trend. French Vogue published an editorial in April of this year featuring activewear. 
HOT or NOT: Fitness in Fashion photo 3
H&M's Fitness Collection
More and more brands have added activewear to their merchandise: H&M, Old Navy, Juicy Couture, and Free People are just a few of the companies that offer customers attire fit for the gym. Upscale designers are now following the trend. 

What do you think about the rise of fitness attire in fashion magazines and on the runway?


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