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Bringing Back 90s Fashion in a Modern Way- Part 1

Remember those Calvin Klein Crop Tops?

Cause I do!

I grew up in the 90s and am so glad that SOME of the fashion trends are returning this summer!
For example, crop tops. Those bad gals are super comfy, and are conservative enough while allowing you to cool off during hot summer days.

  • You can wear them in many different ways: you can style it with a high waisted skirt, jeans with pattern or color (if you are wearing a basic crop top or looooovee dressing wild), or with cute shorts!
  • Wearing something high waisted will help you feel like you aren't naked if you're conservative, and it also helps make the look more modern. Wearing 90s low rise jeans with a crop top will LITERALLY bring you back in time. 
  • Crop tops look super cute with lightweight leather/faux leather jackets for when the nights get chilly. They also look great with a structured vest, denim vest (if you aren't wearing jeans), or a blazer.
  • Try pairing your look with flats, high heels that are solid or patterned (depending on how much pizzaz you'd like to add to your outfit), or sandals for a comfortable and relaxed look.
  • Lots of crop tops are sold on Etsy by vintage shops as well as handmade shops. The best part of buying from a handmade seller on Etsy is that they are usually accomodating, and many have a "made to order" option so you can have it sized perfectly to your measurements.
  • Mall stores that offer inexpensive and basic crop tops include H&M and Forever 21.
  • Karmaloop has an extensive collection of crop tops listed on their website, and they are AMAZING.


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