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Women are Attacking Each Other's Body Types

Why Are Women Hating on Each Other's Body Types? photo 1

Why are women attacking each other’s body types?
In the 1990’s, “heroin chic” became a term used for waifs and supermodels like the legendary fashion icon Kate Moss. This trend began after curvy, amazon-like women were extremely celebrated and famous throughout the 1980’s, and eventually the likes of Cindy Crawford and her body type began to decline. Things change, we all know that, yet sometimes change scares people.
The fashion industry is unfortunately and undeniably shallow, but we have to face the fact that women and men are often shallow and judgmental to one another personally. The television, magazines, and other media outlets are not the only feature responsible for women’s judgmental nature toward one another’s physical appearance.
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The fact is that women need to stop attacking skinny body types, stop attacking curvy bodies, and everything in between. Numerous newspapers, fashion publications, and tabloids frequently dissect the bodies of models, celebrities, and the average gal. This won’t support anyone’s self-esteem, standards of beauty, or the endless quest many attempt to attain the perfect body.
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While most believe that all women are focused on losing weight, due to the “pressures of society and the media,” what most people don’t try to consider is the opposite side of the scale (pun-intended). Other females cannot walk down the street without at least one comment regarding how small we are, how we MUST have an eating disorder, or that we have issues and are unhealthy.
In this week’s issue of the Providence Journal, writer Alexis Magner states that “one the one hand—the hand with the finger that’s pointing at younger and younger girls who call themselves fat—uber-thin standards are a terrible thing to impose on women…they are unattainable and unhealthy.” What ever happened to fast metabolism? Should women be stuffing their face with food they don’t feel like eating so they can avoid appearing a certain way to either sex? No.
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While the media may play a part in standards of health and beauty, nothing is more hurtful than having limitless personal experiences of strangers commenting on something that you simply cannot change, or maybe even don’t want to change.
Women should band together and support one another in regards of support, physical appearance, and standing up for one another. If women demand a wide and realistic variety of body types depicted in editorial photo shoots or on magazine covers, it will become a small step in the efforts to take more pressure off appearance.
Women should support one another, appreciate all body types, open their eyes, and expand their idea of what beauty is. A woman being skinny does not mean she is unhealthy, anorexic, or is trying too hard. A woman being curvy does not give men permission to objectify particular areas of their body, nor does it mean that the woman is lazy.
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In short, we should hope that one another are healthy, happy, and appreciated. Being underweight, overweight, or somewhere in between does not matter; nor does it mean that you are deserving of private or public scrutiny. What matters most is accepting and supporting each other, and treating others with respect. The Providence Journal to publish Alexis Manger’s rant that states that we should “make every female newscaster with a national audience gain 20 pounds.” Is a local respected publication really okay with posting such offensive comments regarding the female body?
Campaigns by Dove have attempted to showcase “real women” in their advertisements, yet it only focuses on curvier women or women that are an “average” weight. The lines have been blurred as time has gone on. Who decided what “average” looks like? Who decided what “real women” look like? Is there an exact size we are all supposed to aspire to, and is that even fair? 

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