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Top Fashion Trends from Spring Fashion Week

Top Fashion Trends from Spring Fashion Week

For those of you that enjoy fashion, but don’t necessarily follow each and every Fashion Week, here is a guide to the trends that took over the runways in New York, Milan, and Paris. Designers, Christopher Kane in particular, created fantastical collections for the spring season that can easily be transformed into everyday wear. The following items will be wardrobe essentials for stylish individuals that enjoy adding interesting pieces to their closet.
1.     HOT OR NOT: The Top Spring 2014 Fashion Trends photo 1

  •       Metallic Tones—The metallic trend, once very popular in the 90s, has come back full swing. Nearly every designer collection showcased on the runway included metallic pieces. The extensive amount of dresses, tops, skirts, pants, and jackets were visually irresistible and stimulating. How to wear metallic attire casually? You can pair metallic pieces with jeans, solid low-key colors, and minimal accessories. If you’re fashionably brave, pair any metallic item with bold, bright colors to have a more daring, runway-inspired outfit.
HOT OR NOT: The Top Spring 2014 Fashion Trends photo 2Vivienne Tam 2014
  • Crop TopsCrop tops were another repeat design on the runway; taking another blast into the past. Worn by pop stars (Britney Spears, anyone?) and teens in the 90’s, crop tops are coming back into fashion stronger than ever. They can add a unique quality to your spring ensemble, especially when paired with high-waisted skirts or pants, and a nice lightweight jacket.
HOT OR NOT: The Top Spring 2014 Fashion Trends photo 3Stella Jean 2014
  •  Printed Fabric—Bright prints have been gaining popularity; and what better time to rock an awesome, colorful, and unique printed look than in the springtime? Many runway collections featured entire outfits with prints worn from head to toe, but that’s a place many don’t dare to venture into in everyday life. To avoid blending into someone’s wallpaper, try pairing paisley, polka dot, or another print that suits you with basic wardrobe items.
HOT OR NOT: The Top Spring 2014 Fashion Trends photo 4Giambattista Valli 2014
  • Floral Pieces—Floral prints, dresses, pleated skirts, and accessories were a staple at New York Fashion Week for the spring collections. Many designers opted to base their collections around flowers and floral feminine prints for obvious reasons. Spring is the time where flowers bloom, and the weather becomes more enjoyable. Why not reflect the season in your outfits? Try an elegant, pastel colored floral dress with comfortable flats to lunch. Wear a comfortable, flowing flower printed skirt with a simple cardigan or top to class. This trend can easily transform from day wear to night wear with the addition of jewelry, accessories, and a shoe change.
HOT OR NOT: The Top Spring 2014 Fashion Trends photo 5Jenny Packham 2014
  • Bold Colors—bright and bold colors are a necessity when it comes to expressing your individuality and personality in your ensembles. You won’t have to look far to find neon tops, skirts, jeans, and dresses this season; many stores are already stocking up on neon pieces for women and men. 
Do you think these trends are new and interesting?
What trend will you be rocking in spring?
Are these trends hot or not?!


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