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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Top Fashion Trends from Spring Fashion Week

Top Fashion Trends from Spring Fashion Week

For those of you that enjoy fashion, but don’t necessarily follow each and every Fashion Week, here is a guide to the trends that took over the runways in New York, Milan, and Paris. Designers, Christopher Kane in particular, created fantastical collections for the spring season that can easily be transformed into everyday wear. The following items will be wardrobe essentials for stylish individuals that enjoy adding interesting pieces to their closet.
1.     HOT OR NOT: The Top Spring 2014 Fashion Trends photo 1

  •       Metallic Tones—The metallic trend, once very popular in the 90s, has come back full swing. Nearly every designer collection showcased on the runway included metallic pieces. The extensive amount of dresses, tops, skirts, pants, and jackets were visually irresistible and stimulating. How to wear metallic attire casually? You can pair metallic pieces with jeans, solid low-key colors, and minimal accessories. If you’re fashionably brave, pair any metallic item with bold, bright colors to have a more daring, runway-inspired outfit.
HOT OR NOT: The Top Spring 2014 Fashion Trends photo 2Vivienne Tam 2014
  • Crop TopsCrop tops were another repeat design on the runway; taking another blast into the past. Worn by pop stars (Britney Spears, anyone?) and teens in the 90’s, crop tops are coming back into fashion stronger than ever. They can add a unique quality to your spring ensemble, especially when paired with high-waisted skirts or pants, and a nice lightweight jacket.
HOT OR NOT: The Top Spring 2014 Fashion Trends photo 3Stella Jean 2014
  •  Printed Fabric—Bright prints have been gaining popularity; and what better time to rock an awesome, colorful, and unique printed look than in the springtime? Many runway collections featured entire outfits with prints worn from head to toe, but that’s a place many don’t dare to venture into in everyday life. To avoid blending into someone’s wallpaper, try pairing paisley, polka dot, or another print that suits you with basic wardrobe items.
HOT OR NOT: The Top Spring 2014 Fashion Trends photo 4Giambattista Valli 2014
  • Floral Pieces—Floral prints, dresses, pleated skirts, and accessories were a staple at New York Fashion Week for the spring collections. Many designers opted to base their collections around flowers and floral feminine prints for obvious reasons. Spring is the time where flowers bloom, and the weather becomes more enjoyable. Why not reflect the season in your outfits? Try an elegant, pastel colored floral dress with comfortable flats to lunch. Wear a comfortable, flowing flower printed skirt with a simple cardigan or top to class. This trend can easily transform from day wear to night wear with the addition of jewelry, accessories, and a shoe change.
HOT OR NOT: The Top Spring 2014 Fashion Trends photo 5Jenny Packham 2014
  • Bold Colors—bright and bold colors are a necessity when it comes to expressing your individuality and personality in your ensembles. You won’t have to look far to find neon tops, skirts, jeans, and dresses this season; many stores are already stocking up on neon pieces for women and men. 
Do you think these trends are new and interesting?
What trend will you be rocking in spring?
Are these trends hot or not?!

The Fastest and Most Fashionable Hair Trends for Spring 2014

Fastest Hair Trends for Spring:
The best spring hairstyles that take less than five minutes to achieve
Hot or Not? Fast, Easy, and Trendy Spring Hairstyles photo 1
  • ·         Mermaid Waves-- This is the perfect hairstyle for ladies that don’t want to spend much time on their hair every morning. As one of the biggest trends on the fashion runways this spring, this look simply requires tousled, randomly placed hair in a chic manner.
Hot or Not? Fast, Easy, and Trendy Spring Hairstyles photo 2
  • ·      Loose Waves--You can get loose waves easily, by braiding damp hair in one or two braids before bed. In the morning, simply brush them out, and part your hair in the center.
Hot or Not? Fast, Easy, and Trendy Spring Hairstyles photo 3
  • ·         Low Ponytail--This look requires your hair to be secured low at the nape of the neck. You can either part you hair on the side, or pull your hair back with just a small spritz of hairspray. Luckily, this hairstyle is perfect for bad hair days.
Hot or Not? Fast, Easy, and Trendy Spring Hairstyles photo 4
  • ·         Long & Straight-- If you are lucky enough to be capable of growing long hair, then you’ll be right on trend this spring by having long, straight locks. You don’t need a hair straightener to achieve this style; you can simply blow dry your hair while brushing it to make your hair voluminous at the same time.
Hot or Not? Fast, Easy, and Trendy Spring Hairstyles photo 5
  • ·         Cropped Hair-- This look includes the everlastingly trendy ‘pixie’ haircut, popular since the 1960s. This would require you to chop off almost all of your hair, so it really takes some courage to do this. On the plus-side, you can donate your hair to charity for cancer patients, and change someone’s life. The other hairstyle that is popular for spring is the ‘bob,’ which seems to make a comeback every few years. The blunt hairstyle features short bangs, as well as choppy, straight, short hair.
Hot or Not? Fast, Easy, and Trendy Spring Hairstyles photo 6
  • ·         Side Slicked Up-Do’s--This season, models walked during Fashion Week with side-swept up-dos. Simply comb a part on the left or right side of your hair, brush it to the opposite side, and then tie it. You can either choose a wet looking style by adding gel, or leave a few small sections of hair loose for a more casual and relaxed look.
Do you think these spring runway trends are hot or not?
Which ones are your favorites?!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Women are Attacking Each Other's Body Types

Why Are Women Hating on Each Other's Body Types? photo 1

Why are women attacking each other’s body types?
In the 1990’s, “heroin chic” became a term used for waifs and supermodels like the legendary fashion icon Kate Moss. This trend began after curvy, amazon-like women were extremely celebrated and famous throughout the 1980’s, and eventually the likes of Cindy Crawford and her body type began to decline. Things change, we all know that, yet sometimes change scares people.
The fashion industry is unfortunately and undeniably shallow, but we have to face the fact that women and men are often shallow and judgmental to one another personally. The television, magazines, and other media outlets are not the only feature responsible for women’s judgmental nature toward one another’s physical appearance.
Why Are Women Hating on Each Other's Body Types? photo 2
The fact is that women need to stop attacking skinny body types, stop attacking curvy bodies, and everything in between. Numerous newspapers, fashion publications, and tabloids frequently dissect the bodies of models, celebrities, and the average gal. This won’t support anyone’s self-esteem, standards of beauty, or the endless quest many attempt to attain the perfect body.
Why Are Women Hating on Each Other's Body Types? photo 3
While most believe that all women are focused on losing weight, due to the “pressures of society and the media,” what most people don’t try to consider is the opposite side of the scale (pun-intended). Other females cannot walk down the street without at least one comment regarding how small we are, how we MUST have an eating disorder, or that we have issues and are unhealthy.
In this week’s issue of the Providence Journal, writer Alexis Magner states that “one the one hand—the hand with the finger that’s pointing at younger and younger girls who call themselves fat—uber-thin standards are a terrible thing to impose on women…they are unattainable and unhealthy.” What ever happened to fast metabolism? Should women be stuffing their face with food they don’t feel like eating so they can avoid appearing a certain way to either sex? No.
Why Are Women Hating on Each Other's Body Types? photo 4
While the media may play a part in standards of health and beauty, nothing is more hurtful than having limitless personal experiences of strangers commenting on something that you simply cannot change, or maybe even don’t want to change.
Women should band together and support one another in regards of support, physical appearance, and standing up for one another. If women demand a wide and realistic variety of body types depicted in editorial photo shoots or on magazine covers, it will become a small step in the efforts to take more pressure off appearance.
Women should support one another, appreciate all body types, open their eyes, and expand their idea of what beauty is. A woman being skinny does not mean she is unhealthy, anorexic, or is trying too hard. A woman being curvy does not give men permission to objectify particular areas of their body, nor does it mean that the woman is lazy.
Why Are Women Hating on Each Other's Body Types? photo 5

In short, we should hope that one another are healthy, happy, and appreciated. Being underweight, overweight, or somewhere in between does not matter; nor does it mean that you are deserving of private or public scrutiny. What matters most is accepting and supporting each other, and treating others with respect. The Providence Journal to publish Alexis Manger’s rant that states that we should “make every female newscaster with a national audience gain 20 pounds.” Is a local respected publication really okay with posting such offensive comments regarding the female body?
Campaigns by Dove have attempted to showcase “real women” in their advertisements, yet it only focuses on curvier women or women that are an “average” weight. The lines have been blurred as time has gone on. Who decided what “average” looks like? Who decided what “real women” look like? Is there an exact size we are all supposed to aspire to, and is that even fair? 

Why Are Women Hating on Each Other's Body Types? photo 6

Sixties Style Never Left


The sixties were a transformative time in America and across the whole world. Changes in nearly every aspect of life were rapidly taking place, and the women’s movement and feminism were making strides. These alterations were reflected in the way women dressed during this era; the women’s revolution was underway and many women felt a new sense of empowerment by expressing their individuality through fashion. Style became a way to announce who you were in a proud and unique way, with no apologies.

Janis Joplin

Fringe and Flowing Dresses—Stevie Nicks, singer of Fleetwood Mac, and legendary rock front-woman Janis Joplin wore at least a little bit of fringe in every outfit, and always had flowing dresses and coats made of crushed velvet in earthy tones. Some considered this style “witchy,” while others currently find it to be the iconic look of a “hippie” woman in the sixties.

Leopard Print—Edie Sedgwick, muse to Andy Warhol became an “It Girl” in the sixties for her unique and fiercely individual style. The most iconic photographs of Edie are of her wearing her favorite luxurious leopard print coat.

Brigitte Bardot

Round Glasses—the infamous wire-rimmed round glasses that are closely related to John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, and Janis Joplin were worn often in the sixties. Women also wore styles that were thick, oversized, and dark to complement the tones of their outfits and accessorize their everyday style. This trend has never disappeared, with women across the globe still wearing the accessory.


Eyeliner—Sixties supermodel Twiggy will forever be known as a style icon of her time. The most famous photographs of women during this decade include Twiggy’s thick black eyeliner and mascara which complimented her personal style.  Twiggy was also known for her tailored short dresses, block coloring, and go-go boots.

Edie Sedgwick

Stripes—the style known as “mod” was especially popular in the sixties, with icons like Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick constantly wearing short black and white stripes mini dresses with black tights, lots of eye make-up, and tailored ensembles. The main garments in mod fashion included thick horizontal stripes, usually in black and white.

Goldie Hawn

Cropped Hair—Goldie Hawn may be known for her infectious smile and amazing, classic romantic comedies, but she was also one of the first famous women to get the famous sixties cropped haircut, also known as the “pixie.” This haircut wasa staple for trends in women’s hair styles, and it attempted changed the attitudes men had towards the way women were “supposed” to look.

Louis Vuitton

Fashion designers are still creating collections inspired by the sixties. Whether it be make up, hairstyles, or the ensembles themselves. The influential time period, unique personal styles, and boundary-pushing looks will never stop being a trend.