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Styling Tips for the Cold // How to Stay Warm Casual and Stylish for Cold Weather

Trying to stay warm while having fun! Wearing lots of thrifted items and LOTS of layers. Its best to wear a few layers that are different lengths, weight, and materials, instead of looking bulky.Went to a fun Andy Warhol's Factory-style party on Friday ngiht. It was freezing out, but I wanted to make sure I had a fun outfit. In order to be completely comfortable in cold weather, while still looking stylish is to do the following:HOW TO STAY WARM, CASUAL, AND STYLISH FOR COLD WEATHER:1. Wear Layers-- Layering can be difficult sometimes, but if you have 5 layers, it works best. The first layer should be a tank top, not a cami (incase you get warm inside of a party). The second layer should be long and lightweight. The third layer should be thick, long sleeved, and be able to be hidden by the longest layer. The Fourth layer should be a sweater, or showpiece (attention-getter). The last layer should be a really nice, chic jacket. For pants-- wear leggings underneath your jeans, or two…