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Beyonce Drops Her New Album Without ANY Warning

For years now, everyone has been referring to Beyonce as "Queen B." She's had a solid, amazing, ground breaking career, so she arguably deserves the title.
I'm pretty sure she blew many nay-sayers minds on the 13th, when she dropped her "visual album"without any marketing or promotion on iTunes. 
She's already sold over 430,000 copies within 24 hours, according to Time Magazine's website. That debut surpasses Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga's album sales in their first week alone. 

Not only did she do the unthinkable (not marketing her album, and releasing it when she felt like it), but she also has music videos for every song. Music videos that were made while she was on tour. 

Who does that? A queen, apparently. 

This release is a music industry game-changer. Does not marketing an album create a bigger buzz and better sales? Or was this a lucky chance Beyonce took? Time will tell, when artists follow in her footsteps.

Other solo female recordi…

Lady Gaga & Marilyn Manson for CANDY Magazine F/W 2014

Lady Gaga and Marilyn Manson cover the Fall/Winter Limited Edition CANDY magazine, with only 1,500 copies being sold.
The images were shot by Steven Klein, a famous, well-respected fashion photographer.  Gaga is seen on the cover nude, wearing Dali-inspired makeup, a Scorpion pastie with one breast exposed, and a nearly full frontal view of her nether region.  CANDY Magazine is known for their drag covers, and Gaga was sure to wear an exaggerated mustache for the occasion.  Marilyn Manson is in drag on the cover, looking rather tame. Wearing his signature black eye makeup, a white dress, and high heels, Manson ditches his over-the-top goth look that he's sported in nearly every photograph taken throughout the duration of his career. 
The black and white covers are getting quite a bit of attention.  WARNING: NSFW (Not Safe For Work) Below: