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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lady Gaga Teams Up with H&M for ARTPOP Promotion

The ever-evolving, fashion-forward pop superstar is teaming up with H&M this week!
Lady Gaga is teaming up with the store to continue promoting her latest album that hit stores today, ARTPOP. The album will be available in 175 of the clothing stores, and will be available to purchase for only $9.95. 
There won't be many copies carried in each of these stores, and the sales of the album at H&M will not count towards the Billboard charts. 
Not that that should worry Gaga or her fans. Since it's midnight release, it has become #1 on iTunes and Amazon in dozens of countries. 
Lady Gaga will be present at the newest H&M, opening on November 14th in New York City's famous Times Square. 
After her larger-than-life event, artRAVE, her pop up galleries/shops displaying the album as well as props and clothing she has used in her performances, H&M may sound tame, but it's a guarantee that thousands of Little Monsters will be there giving their APPLAUSE!
Lady Gaga's Artpop Album Cover
Artpop was released on the 11th and it's already hit #1 in over 75 countries on iTunes.