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Lady Gaga Arrives at American Music Awards in Versace and Carried by White Horse

Lady Gaga showed up to the 2013 American Music Awards on a human-operated white horse, wearing Versace, a long straight blonde wig, and toned-down makeup. She almost looks like she's appeared out of a fairy tale, and was working her magic for the cameras. Gaga appeared calm, graceful, and out of this world on the red carpet. She has shocked many of her critics by looking glamourous and channeling Old Hollywood, when many negative commentators predicted "another meat dress." Perhaps after her performance with R. Kelly, and while her promo tour continues for ARTPOP, the backlash against the star will end. 
What do you think of the singer's red carpet outfit? Did you think the Glamour Princess Fairy Tale Look was a dream come true or a nightmare?


Perez Hilton's net worth is estimated at 30 million dollars. He, like many other people with an internet connection, constantly blogs about celebrities. But there is a difference: some people blog negative things about celebrities they've never met, write nasty comments on their posts, and make their opinion known to the internet-world. Perez Hilton, on the other hand, has met celebrities, befriended them, and has gotten famous for his crude sense of humor and distasteful harassment.  Not only did he prematurely state that Brittany Murphy died from an overdose (later announcing his condolences after the medical examiner released the cause of death: pnemonia), making fun of Amanda Bynes until she was admitted into an institution, and making fun of Lindsay Lohan's addictions. Let me remind you, these people are human beings.  Yes, celebrities get famous, which leads to public opinion being thrown in their face all the time. Did they ask for it? Some people say they deserve bei…

Hair Inspiration: Hot & Trendy Hairstyles That You ARE Capable Of!

I am not a hair person. I love fashion, but I never seem to be able to replicate the "how to" instructions on hair styles that I love. Hairstyles that are seen in runway shows, music videos, editorials, and on celebrities. They look so simple, but for me, they are not. For those who are fellow lovers of the fashion-forward, here is some simple, yet unique hair styles to inspire you! Gwen Stefani Rocking her signature faux hawk. Beautifully lime Rockabilly hair. Messy fish tail braid from Tory Birch runway show.  This season's 90's inspired glitter-bun look. The simply side-part with straightened (or curly) hair, backstage at Diane Von Furstenburg. Lady Gaga in November 2013 sporting some sexy "clothing" with pigtails!

Last, but not least: Edie Sedwick showing off her choppy pixie cut with her signature style.

These are all hair styles that are in style, cute, fashionable, and even the most hair-terrified are capable recreating... with their own unique twist …

Lady Gaga Teams Up with H&M for ARTPOP Promotion

The ever-evolving, fashion-forward pop superstar is teaming up with H&M this week! Lady Gaga is teaming up with the store to continue promoting her latest album that hit stores today, ARTPOP. The album will be available in 175 of the clothing stores, and will be available to purchase for only $9.95.  There won't be many copies carried in each of these stores, and the sales of the album at H&M will not count towards the Billboard charts.  Not that that should worry Gaga or her fans. Since it's midnight release, it has become #1 on iTunes and Amazon in dozens of countries.  Lady Gaga will be present at the newest H&M, opening on November 14th in New York City's famous Times Square.  After her larger-than-life event, artRAVE, her pop up galleries/shops displaying the album as well as props and clothing she has used in her performances, H&M may sound tame, but it's a guarantee that thousands of Little Monsters will be there giving their APPLAUSE! Lady Gaga's …