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Jean Paul Gaultier is iconic in every sense of the world. He has changed fashion forever, has turned major celebrities into fashion idols (MADONNA'S CONE BRA!) He designed costumes for films, including THE FIFTH ELEMENT, and forced us to expand what our idea of true beauty is.    He has send models down the runway covered in tattoos, piercings, and otherwise taboo styles before it became accepted, let alone trendy.     The man is a phenomenon, and has created some of the most memorable and unique attire that has sent millions daydreaming in his world of fantasy.    The Brooklyn Museum celebrates Gaultier with an exhibition starting October 25th, and ending on February 23, 2014.    The link to purchase tickets or view the lovely video introduction can be seen here: 


Born This Way was a huge hit single a few years back, and Lady Gaga has been a major Halloween inspiration since her rise to fame. But, you NEVER want to be stuck at a party with the same outfit, let alone the same COSTUME!  I recently went out with skeleton make up and a rad wig, accompanied by my boyfriend #thedangerdan, my pal #kurtfowl who is literally the best performance artist/designer/creator of all time. Together, we went into the city dressed with out own clothing, own personal style, and pounds of makeup.  The best thing to do for Halloween, or life in general, is to have your own personal spin on something. Dont do an exact replica for Halloween, but don't go so far out of the theme that no one has any idea what your costume is supposed to be.  Here are some pics of a fun night weeks before Halloween. I encourage everyone to look however they want without using a holiday as an excuse. Work it XO

BC: New Designs Coming Soon!

Been busy at work making my first two dresses. I made my own patterns and everything. These are two unfinished versions: still have a few things to add/do to make them pop! I made the Skeletal Touch print with #thedangerdan design and concept with #kurtfowl. The shiny teal fabric has a very mermaid essense to it. The fabric is to die for in person, and its super comfortable. I can't wait to post them on the shop! Hope readers are excited for them!