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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Style Week Providence FW 2011

As most people know, I work for Kelly Eident at I'm Your Present. Since last year went so well, Styleweek Providence Invited Kelly to do another collection for the F/W season. Luckily, people are finally realizing that Rhode Island is a pretty cool place, so more and more events keep happening!
Anyways, Kelly created such an amazing collection. Last season, it was a fun party theme with lots of polka dots, stripes, bright colors, and playsuits. While that collection was very amazing and Betsey Johnson inspired, this collection totally killed the last one.
Kelly had a whole new set of ideas. She used fur, feathers, darker colors, stripes, and super detailed articles of clothing. The whole process was much more planned and relaxed this year, and best of all, I got to be in the show!
Sort of last minute Kelly asked me to open and close the show! I was so excited because I was obsessed with the pieces she wanted me to wear. A form fitting Lady Gaga-esque playsuit, and sheer brown layered top, a hot, tight gold party dress, and last but not least, a beautiful striped dress encrusted with feathers and beads.
I'm so happy to have been a part of this, it was and is such a big deal to me, and it inspired me to start making my own designs in jewelry and clothing, so keep an eye out! (shameless/shameful plug, but hey!)