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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Man Repeller

   I just finished reading an article by Leandra Medine, blogger of The Man Repeller in what I believe is the December 2010 issue of Harpers Bazaar. (I only saved this article so I have no idea.) The article questions whether you can still dress fashionably and eccentric and still get a man. While this piece seems to lead toward the word no, I happen to think yes, if you're lucky.
  Most people, (and not just men) are close minded and will look at you as if you've just committed a crime if you dress like Daphene or Lady Gaga or anyone else that most magazine/blog readers find inspiring. Before you even think of dressing like you just hopped off a runway you must first ask yourself if you're crafty enough to find clothes like that or able to afford them. Then you have to get the nerve to be OK with people staring at you or even telling you that you look like a freak.
  Anyways, the reason I think its possible to dress high fashion and different and still get a man (an accepting one) is because its happened to a ton of people I know, including myself. I have many girlfriends that have great boyfriends or husbands and are able to wear whatever they want and don't feel one bit of self consciousness. Most of their partners think its HOT that they are so comfortable with themselves and know what they like and go for it.
  Either way, if you're with someone who isn't okay with who you are (because fashion is a part of it), why don't you run for the hills instead of waiting for them to do it?

-I'll scan the article if anyone can't find it online and is interested in reading it. Just E-mail me or leave a comment!