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Linda Farrow and Jeremy Scott

These are by far my favorite sunglasses EVER. I will find a way to get them! Jeremy Scott & Linda Farrows sunglasses are so amazingly unique and creative and I want to be inside their minds for like 5 minutes so I can know what thoughts go through their head. I cant get over how wonderfully weird these sunglasses are. I feel like you could wear a T-shirt and jeans (not that you'd want to) and just throw these bad boys on and look like you're on a whole new level. I'm really digging the collaborations that designers have been doing lately, like Vivienne Westwood & Melissa, because those shoes are pretty crazy/amazing too.


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Kate Moss is obviously a legend. She's the shortest famous model, and she's over 30 and still going, which is pretty rare. I mean, she has been on more magazine covers, and in more ad campaigns than I can even count. Plus her line for Topshop is to die for-- totally her style. I love Kate, she has been in thousands of beautiful spreads. Her versatility, and ability to make nude shots and what could be considered "boring" into art is amazing. A true fashion chameleon.