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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


   Betsey Johnson is known to be an eclectic and creative woman of all trades. She's always pushed limits and designed clothes that she'd wear. Any article of clothing that she has produced would immediately add a unique style to any girls outfit. I personally own about 3 of her purses, a vintage gun sweater, as well as a few of her dresses and onesies. Every time I wear one of these pieces I've gotten strange looks, or complements on my style (depending on who the comment/look is coming from).
   Not only was she debuting her new and less expensive line of clothing, but she was debuting a whole new view on what women on the runway should look like. Its about time.
   This season, Betsey Johnson was awesome enough to feature a completely amazing range of beautiful women of all shapes and sizes. The fashion industry is known for featuring girls that are a size 0-2 (which I naturally am) and for the most part, they are Caucasian.
   Viewing this collection completely shocked and awed so many people's minds, and she's gotten so many positive reviews and comments across the fashion world. It's so nice to see full figured women working it and looking fierce across the runway. I, as well as many other fans I'm sure, are hoping this really creates a trend in the fashion world. Because this is what clothes are supposed to look like, this is how clothes are supposed to make us "fashionistas" feel.
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