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Linda Farrow and Jeremy Scott

These are by far my favorite sunglasses EVER. I will find a way to get them! Jeremy Scott & Linda Farrows sunglasses are so amazingly unique and creative and I want to be inside their minds for like 5 minutes so I can know what thoughts go through their head. I cant get over how wonderfully weird these sunglasses are. I feel like you could wear a T-shirt and jeans (not that you'd want to) and just throw these bad boys on and look like you're on a whole new level. I'm really digging the collaborations that designers have been doing lately, like Vivienne Westwood & Melissa, because those shoes are pretty crazy/amazing too.

The Man Repeller

I just finished reading an article by Leandra Medine, blogger of The Man Repeller in what I believe is the December 2010 issue of Harpers Bazaar. (I only saved this article so I have no idea.) The article questions whether you can still dress fashionably and eccentric and still get a man. While this piece seems to lead toward the word no, I happen to think yes, if you're lucky.
  Most people, (and not just men) are close minded and will look at you as if you've just committed a crime if you dress like Daphene or Lady Gaga or anyone else that most magazine/blog readers find inspiring. Before you even think of dressing like you just hopped off a runway you must first ask yourself if you're crafty enough to find clothes like that or able to afford them. Then you have to get the nerve to be OK with people staring at you or even telling you that you look like a freak.
  Anyways, the reason I think its possible to dress high fashion and different and still get a man (an accep…


Betsey Johnson is known to be an eclectic and creative woman of all trades. She's always pushed limits and designed clothes that she'd wear. Any article of clothing that she has produced would immediately add a unique style to any girls outfit. I personally own about 3 of her purses, a vintage gun sweater, as well as a few of her dresses and onesies. Every time I wear one of these pieces I've gotten strange looks, or complements on my style (depending on who the comment/look is coming from).
   Not only was she debuting her new and less expensive line of clothing, but she was debuting a whole new view on what women on the runway should look like. Its about time.
   This season, Betsey Johnson was awesome enough to feature a completely amazing range of beautiful women of all shapes and sizes. The fashion industry is known for featuring girls that are a size 0-2 (which I naturally am) and for the most part, they are Caucasian.
   Viewing this collection completely shocked…

Marla Singer

Apparently I also dress like Marla Singer from Fight Club. I don't know if that was a compliment, but I took it that way. 

Style Week Providence FW 2011

As most people know, I work for Kelly Eident at I'm Your Present. Since last year went so well, Styleweek Providence Invited Kelly to do another collection for the F/W season. Luckily, people are finally realizing that Rhode Island is a pretty cool place, so more and more events keep happening!
Anyways, Kelly created such an amazing collection. Last season, it was a fun party theme with lots of polka dots, stripes, bright colors, and playsuits. While that collection was very amazing and Betsey Johnson inspired, this collection totally killed the last one.
Kelly had a whole new set of ideas. She used fur, feathers, darker colors, stripes, and super detailed articles of clothing. The whole process was much more planned and relaxed this year, and best of all, I got to be in the show!
Sort of last minute Kelly asked me to open and close the show! I was so excited because I was obsessed with the pieces she wanted me to wear. A form fitting Lady Gaga-esque playsuit, and sheer brown laye…