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Runway Magazines!

Yay! I'm so happy the new runways magazines have been coming out. A few years ago all I could get my hands on was the Paris Vogue, which was about $35 and it took FOREVER to get to the US. Not that expensive, but I live on a budget unfortunately, and I'm insanely impatient. After much searching and moping around, I have discovered how awesome Harper's Bazaar's version of the runway reports are. To be honest, in my opinion nothing beats Paris Vogue, but Harpers comes really close, and they are clearly trying to feature as many designers, trends, and behind the scene photos as possible. WWD is also great, but I feel like they focus on who is in the front row a little too much, and frankly, I dont really give a shit. The ultimate guide to the runway shows is the Vogue Italia issue, but once again, if you're impatient like me, you're just going to get Harper's, which is totally not a bad thing. So to sum up my crazy rant (in case you didnt notice I prefer runway magazines as opposed to the internet, and I blog-- go figure!) you should buy Harper's Bazaar to hold you over, and then get Vogue Italia, which is only $15 and is a BOOK that features a million behind the scene pictures, articles, and runway images. I dont understand Italian, but for those moments I'm an excited kid with a picture book. I hope you enjoyed my ranty, incomprehensible, somewhat explaination about how you should buy cheaper runway magazines haha!



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