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Factory Girl

I have hair ADD. I admit it. I need to change it constantly, and I'm terrified of it eventually falling out. Lately I've been fighting the intense urge to chop it all off and dye it blonde and just be Edie reincarnated. As I understand she had some issues, but for some reason every image I see I just think there's something amazing inside of her. Maybe I think if i chop my hair off I'll have a magical energy following me around haha.


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I truly wish I had the balls to walk around this way. Art for your hair.

Extreme Makeup


Kate Moss is obviously a legend. She's the shortest famous model, and she's over 30 and still going, which is pretty rare. I mean, she has been on more magazine covers, and in more ad campaigns than I can even count. Plus her line for Topshop is to die for-- totally her style. I love Kate, she has been in thousands of beautiful spreads. Her versatility, and ability to make nude shots and what could be considered "boring" into art is amazing. A true fashion chameleon.