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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lady Gaga Boston Review

Here are some not so high quality pictures, but fuck it, at least you can see the stage set up and the blood pouring from her neck. 
Ok, so obviously i'm in love with Lady Gaga, especially after reading the latest Rolling Stone article about her. So I went into the show slightly hammered with high hopes. A gay kid and I attacked a protester (not so violently) and went on out merry way. I went to the show with my mom, who felt so uncomfortable dancing, that she took pictures LITERALLY the whole time. After all the hype and stuff she says about her shows, such as "it'll free you" I thought I'd come out of that place a new person, which sounds silly. Anyways, she put on a good, long show, and even played the piano to a fast jazz song in 6 inch heels. I was super impressed with her vocal range while running around crazily. Not to mention the backround and stage set up was beautiful and out of this world. It took me to a new place, and I danced my ass off. Gaga was so personal onstage, and clearly appreciated everyone being there.