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I'm Miss World

Courtney Love's Behind the Music special was fucking awesome. Surprisingly sober, she reflects on her life in true CL manner, by insulting Billy Corgan and Trent Renzor by basically calling them pussies. HILARIOUS. And the clips of her jumping off stage in the nineties to beat the hell out of people was incredibly entertaining. Needless to say, there are some amazingly wonderful quotes in that little documentary. Most people will probably still hate her, but I think I love her even more. So here's some pictures of Miss Love through the years...
By the way... Hole is still awesome. 


Old Alexander McQueen, Viktor and Rolf, and Gareth Pugh. Cans someone send me money so I can attack the archives?

Colorful Hurr

The world would be a more colorful happy place if everyone had insane highlights or dye jobs. Its that simple.
Photo shoots:


Style Week In Providence, RI

These are the I'm Your Present runway photos fromThe Providence Journal.

Style Week was so great. It was held at Hotel Providence, which was awesome. There were 2 shows a night for a week here in little Rhode Island! One of the Project Runway alum was there, showing off his collection. He seemed super supportive of every one of the designers. Obviously, it wasn't like fashion week in NY, but they tried with their tiny red carpet and logos as a back drop. Cute and tacky and fun at the same time.
I was soooo lucky and was behind the scenes for theI'm Your Present show, since that's where I work! (Sorry, I just love my job a little bit too much.) Kelly Eident and I figured being backstage would be pretty simple, but dressing models as fast as you can is not an easy task, even though they were just as desperate to get the fab clothes on! Luckily there were 4 dressers help us, because there were ten models and over 30 looks. Probably about 45 pieces total! It was the biggest…